Roy Justice - Singing Historian

Roy was interviewed on "Conversations with Dennis Miller" at Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania. This program focused on "American Favorites", where Roy performed several of his favorite American songs and tells the fascinating stories behind them. He also includes a fun children's song that he wrote for his daughter.

In this episode of "Conversations", Mansfield University Public Relations Director Dennis Miller hosts Roy Justice, the Singing Historian, who sings some favorite Thanksgiving-related songs and talks about their fascinating origins and how they reflect our American heritage. 

Why were boar's heads served on a platter and what was the inspiration for "The Boar's Head Carol?" What was the very practical inspiration for "Jingle Bells?" The facts about our holiday songs are fascinating, surprising and at times amazing.  In this episode of "Conversations with Dennis Miller" at Mansfield University, Roy is interviewed about "Christmas Songs and Traditions".

Roy Justice sings "Constant Sorrow" at Destination Arts on the square in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

Roy sings "John Henry" on the square in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania at Destination Arts.

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